Tirunelveli Karpatti Halwa

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Karupatti Halwa

Tradition is deep within us and we try to bring it out in every product of ours. Halwa Kadai brings to you yet again, another flavor of the land – ‘Karupatti Halwa’

‘Karupatti’ which is jaggery extracted from the Palmyra tree is rich in calcium, and contains blood purifying properties. This organic food is so much a part of the staple food of Tirunelveli where people leave to work after having ‘Nee-thanni and Karupatti’ (Nee thanni is the rice and water mixed and kept overnight to be consumed as breakfast). Palm and coconut jaggery were the sweeteners that were traditionally used for sweet dishes and are filled with health benefits for all ages.

We search every nook and cranny to bring to your doorstep healthy delicacies that reflect our tradition and culture and we definitely cannot give the ‘Karupatti Halwa’ a miss. Did you know that Karupatti has health benefits for the diabetic, as it has a lower glycemic index as compared to refined sugar?

Health and quality are the trademarks of any delicacy that Halwa Kadai brings to you. Using pure and unadulterated ghee from the villages of the Tirunelveli, the Karupatti Halwa is sure to treat your taste buds in a never before way.

Storage: If used with a dry spoon for serving, the Karupatti Halwa can last for 15 days.

Ingredients: Karupatti (Palm Jaggery), Wheat milk, Cashew nuts, Sweet oil and village Ghee.