The Humble Beginning of a Sweet story..!

 Halwa Kadai was the humble venture of a small group of management students from SRM University Chennai, in Sept 2014. The first go-to-market venture of ‘Halwa Kadai’ was a stall they set up in the Retail Bazaar Entrepreneurs” program held in the University campus. Attracting good footfalls the maiden go-to-market initiative was a big hit and the team won the ‘Individual Marketer Award’. Customers who ate from the stall said that the taste was truly traditional hence the tag line “Traditional Taste of South India!”

The story of Halwa Kadai was not one of chance but one that happened because of the relentless efforts and the die- hard go-to-market attitude of its founder Moses Dharma Balan. Even as a young management graduate he saw the potential demand for this traditional delicacy. With his roots in the Tirunelveli town, he was only sure that bringing the Tirunelveli Halwa out of Tirunelveli will only enhance and increase its market.

  "But this was only the start of a winning streak"

How Halwa Kadai got the Tirunelveli Halwa Online?

Attracting a large footfall in every place the stall was set up, be it in malls or in trade fairs, it cleared a setting for the team to leverage on E-Commerce to sell the Tirunelveli Halwa online. The goodwill and liking Halwa Kadai had earned from its friends and customers through their stalls, worked like a powerful invisible campaign even before made it in the web world.

  Wherever you are, Halwa Kadai Delivers...!!>

With close to 99000 + Fans on Facebook within 9 months of its set up, this highly energized young team had the media crooning in to know more about the story of Halwa Kadai. Soon the Hindu and many other Regional dailies had them covered. Halwa Kadai now has customers in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi and is working aggressively to make the Tirunelveli Halwa available to halwa lovers in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, US and UK.

Brimming with confidence and convicted to take the Tirunelveli halwa to customers in every corner of the world, is truly making LOCAL business go GLOBAL. Strong retail approach, consistent efforts to reach new customers, and an uncompromising attitude for quality and customer satisfaction have been the guiding principles of That is why they say,

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