Tirunelveli  Halwa With Garlic Mixture Kaaram Combo
  • Tirunelveli  Halwa With Garlic Mixture Kaaram Combo

Tirunelveli Halwa With Garlic Mixture Kaaram Combo

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 Tirunelveli Halwa & Garlic Mixture Combo

  Sweets & Savories are Inseparable!

GARLIC MIXTURE after HALWA or KARAM after SWEET is a food culture of the Nellai-ites! The garlic mixture is always bought along with the Halwa only because the karam kicks in better after the lip smacking halwa. Every savory out here in Tamilnadu has a history and tradition to go with.

Halwa Kadai ensures you don’t miss out on Traditions or Treats!

Enjoy our Garlic Mixture & Tirunelveli Halwa Combo Pack.

  It is a great snack at any time of the day.

  Excellent for gifting a friend or relative.

  A great combo to serve your guests.

  It’s Traditional, It’s hygienic, It’s Unique!

  A good treat for parties and functions.


Garlic Mixture:

Besan, Garlic, Groundnuts, Curry leaves, Salt and Edible oil.

Tirunelveli Halwa:

Wheat, Sugar, Oil, Ghee and Cashewnuts,

Storage and Use:

Garlic Mixture:

Enjoy the Garlic Mixture by keeping it away from moisture. Keeping it in an air-tight container will help to preserve its nice crunch. The Garlic mixture has shelf-life of 2 weeks.

Tirunelveli Halwa:

Keep the Halwa away from moisture. Use a clean and dry spoon always. Please look at our Simple Heating page to enjoy hot halwa.