Festival Village COMBO
  • Festival Village COMBO
  • 7 Shot Festive Combo
  • 7 Shot Festive Combo

7 Shot Festive Combo

Tax included

    Mini Family Combo           Rs.1115

    Medium Family Combo     Rs.1910

Medium Combo

500gram Tirunelveli Halwa

250gram Ful Ghee Tirunelveli Halwa

250gram Srivilliputhur Palkova

250gram Village Mixture

250gram Karpatti Halwa

250gram Nattu Sarkarai Mysore Pak

250gram Athirasam

Large Combo

500gram Tirunelveli Halwa

500gram Ful Ghee Tirunelveli Halwa

500gram Srivilliputhur Palkova

500gram Garlic Mixture

500 gram Karpatti Halwa

500gram Nattusarkarai Mysore Pak

500gram Athirasam

250gram Ragi Mixture

250gram Nellai Mixture


    • We Ship All Over India.
7 Shot Spl Diwali Combo: 2 Kg

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Festival Village Combo

What does the festival time remind us? New Clothes? Celebration with family? or is it all the sweets and savories that come to us from our parent’s or in-law’s home?

Enjoy the same unique taste of the sweet treats you get from your home with our FESTIVAL VILLAGE COMBO.

Halwa Kadai brings to you a unique variety of native sweets just to tantalize your taste buds during this festive season which simply makes your celebration 100% enjoyable. This is an exclusive festival combo from Halwa Kadai, so that you can double your joy this festive season by experiencing the native taste of sweets and treats at an attractive price.

The Festival Village Combo has 6 different rustically and amazingly delicious treats carefully handpicked by us. The treats are no just famous for their unique taste but also for their shelf-life and hygiene and its nature for being a sweet treat or snack for all ages.

The different sweets and savory are separately and hygienically packed and put together in an attractive box that is strong enough to handle the transit.