Tirunelveli Butter  Halwa
  • Tirunelveli Butter  Halwa
  • Tirunelveli Butter  Halwa
  • Tirunelveli Butter  Halwa

Srivilliputhur Paalkova

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Made with Authentic quality and Traditional style to ensure taste

Srivilliputhur Palgova

Taste the flavorful Srivilliputhur Palgova at home with just a few clicks. Halwa Kadai adds more to your

taste palate by bringing in the traditionally made Palgova from Sirivilliputhur.

Koilkada Palgova now on HalwaKadai.com with the same

freshness and flavor!

Do you know what’s so unique about it? It is the way in which it is made. Made to last for a week or

more, its ingredients are just milk and sugar. But the prep method is mind-blowing work by the skilled

Palgova makers who know just how much and how long to stir before setting it to cool.

That wet, grainy and soft texture of the Palgova is only unique to the one from Srivilliputhur, and can

never be replicated by anyone, anywhere. Bringing unique flavors from all over South India to your

doorstep is the hallmark of Halwa Kadai and we never cease to surprise you with taste, quality and niche

treats which are filled with the flavor of the land they come from.